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    •   Great service. Was told it would be a tricky dent to fix since it was "deep" and in aluminum. He said he'd try and not charge if he could not fix it, and that it would not be "perfect". An hour later and it looked great! High standards!

      thumb Al P.
    •   One word: amazing! Rick is a real craftsman in his profession. Basically he removed a couple of very small dents from my otherwise pristine AMG that two other specialists said would require more work, including dropping the headliner for a dent in the roof, and paintwork. Rick not only proved them wrong but did a magnificent job on my car. I was blown away. He is punctual, friendly, honest and will even explain what he is doing if you're interested. I don't trust my car to just anyone but would never hesitate to let Rick work on it. I highly recommend him.

      thumb R. D.
    •   My Honda was dented in a tough area in the bodyline with the dent being in between two curves and Robert did a great job at fixing it up and making it flush along the edges. He originally quoted me at a set price and then took off some money after completing it based on the difficulty. Would 100% go back to this business again in the future.

      thumb Ryan N.
    •   Robert did a terrific job in repairing a small ding that I had gotten while on vacation. It turned out that the dent was located where it was difficult to access it from behind a body panel. Robert was able to remove panels in my trunk to gain access to that area and used his specialized tools to "massage" the dent out in about 30 minutes. When he was finished, the ding was completely gone. I would highly recommend Robert because of the high quality of his work, the ease of scheduling an appointment, and for his very reasonable prices.

      thumb Robert W.
    •   Rob is terrific! Wife's car accumulated a door ding and an odd-ball bump on the freeway. Rob was quick to reply, schedule and complete service. A great value as well, considering the high quality work. My wife is picky so I have to find someone who can do a top-notch job and Rob is that guy. Call him - you won't be disappointed!

      thumb Peter G.
    •   Robert came out to repair the lift gate on my Toyota truck where someone had backed into. He did everything he could to try and take the dent out but the damage was beyond what he could fix - he wouldn't even charge us since he couldn't fix it. Honest guy and provides great service.

      thumb Bill F.
    •   Just had Robert take some dents out of my Porsche Macan. He was quick to respond with a quote, and was able to schedule my repair within the week. . He showed up on time and was able to remove the dents with no issue. My car looks like new again. I was skeptical that the dents could be removed, but I was wrong. Highly recommend his service and will use him again if needed.

      thumb Peter L.
    •   Robert did an amazing job. had an embarrassing scratch on the side of my car due to a tree. And he took it off. Car looks new again!

      thumb Yesenia G.
    •   Robert: owner operator. Did an amazing job on my brand new 2021 Ford Mache-E. My neighbor accidentally hit my passenger side door with her door and baby stroller, leaving two decent size meticulous dents. Robert came with equipment, knowledge and attention to detail, and within an hour looked as good as new. I highly recommend Robert, for quality work, price reasonable for work done, and door to door service. Exceptional....Don't want to use again for obvious reasons (don't like dents lol-----if need be will call in a heartbeat) highly recommend .... And super nice guy..

      thumb Neil R.
    •   I remember paying about $150 for a paint less ding repair many years ago. The guy showed up with lots of tools and light, drilled holes into the body and took 2-3 hours to take out one ding on the rear quarter of an Infiniti. At the end it was 80% better, but u could still see the crease in the metal, which always bugged me. I didn't believe in PDR for a long time. Bought another Porsche which needs a bit of reconditioning, the previous owner obviously didn't know how to take care of a car, needs touch ups on paint wheels leather dings etc. got Robert's number both from a local body shop and the wheel guy, scheduled an appointment for a couple of weeks out. He showed up on time, is very professional, and he's done in under 30 min! No drilling etc he's very familiar with porsches did it from the rear speaker covers and I cannot see where the 3 dings once were. Simply amazing. So don't park next to other cars and crappy drivers, take good care of your stuff and if shit happens call Robert to make it new. Highly recommended

      thumb Ritz S.

    Cheaper Than Body Shop

    Paintless Dent Removal is the cheaper alternative to the auto body shop. Avoid the long wait times and high prices and give our experts a try!

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    We come to your home or office to get the repair done. If you would like to come to us at our location in beautiful Pasadena, CA you’re welcome.

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    Our repairs are done quick  under 2 hours or less; furthermore, we don’t skimp on quality. Our expert technicians get inside the panels to remove the dent.