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    •   Robert is absolutely awesome at what he does. Showed up on time, did a flawless job. My car came out perfect like there was never any damage. Highly recommended!

      thumb Brian L.
    •   Great service.  Was told it would be a tricky dent to fix since it was "deep" and in aluminum.  He said he'd try and not charge if he could not fix it, and that it would not be "perfect".  An hour later and it looked great!  High standards!

      thumb Al P.
    •   Just had Robert take some dents out of my Porsche Macan.  He was quick to respond with a quote, and was able to schedule my repair within the week. . He showed up on time and was able to remove the dents with no issue. My car looks like new again. I was skeptical that the dents could be removed, but I was wrong. Highly recommend his service and will use him again if needed.

      thumb Peter L.
    •   Robert did an amazing job. had  an embarrassing scratch on the side of my car due to a tree. And he took it off. Car looks new again!

      thumb Yesenia G.
    •   Robert came out to repair the lift gate on my Toyota truck where someone had backed into. He did everything he could to try and take the dent out but the damage was beyond what he could fix - he wouldn't even charge us since he couldn't fix it. Honest guy and provides great service.

      thumb Bill F.
    •   Showed up on time, performed job as described and at the price quoted. He even did some extra work at no charge. I would certainly use him again.

      thumb Sean L.
    •   Robert is totally an amazing magic man! He fixed a dent on my Macan's frame part in less than 1.5 hours perfectly. It should be impossible to fix it since it was on the frame. But he did it just like magic! And ask for just unbelievable fair price for this amazing work! He really save me lots of money if I go to the body shop or return my car to dealership. I really really appreciate his work! Thank you so so so much Robert!

      thumb Xi Z.
    •   Robert did an awesome job repairing a substantial dent in the driver side door of my 1997 Geo Prizm. Not only is he an honest businessman but he stands behind the quality of his work. I highly recommend him.

      thumb Donna S.
    •   Great work by Rob, an honest body shop mechanic that doesn't oversell and straight to the point. Had 2 dents on my truck by the gas cover that was just bothering every time I washed my truck or pumped gas, held back on fixing it because I thought it was gonna cost me an arm and a leg and probably have to leave it at a body shop for a day or 2. However Rob finished the job in an hour. Fair price that doesn't break the bank. Never had an easier time or felt more confident setting up an appointment when it came to anything automobile related.

      thumb Victor L.
    •   Robert did a terrific job in repairing a small ding that I had gotten while on vacation.  It turned out that the dent was located where it was difficult to access it from behind a body panel.  Robert was able to remove panels in my trunk to gain access to that area and used his specialized tools to "massage" the dent out in about 30 minutes.   When he was finished, the ding was completely gone.  I would highly recommend Robert because of the high quality of his work, the ease of scheduling an appointment, and for his very reasonable prices.

      thumb Robert W.